What do the services of assemblean cost?

The use of our platform as well as the request for quotation is completely free of charge. This means that all functions and also the provided storage on the platform can be used for free. Costs are only incurred for the components / modules / products ordered from us. However, this requires a confirmation of the offer on the platform or by mail.

Test assemblean now in just a few steps

  1. 1

    Upload CAD Files

    Simply upload the CAD files or, in the case of more complex components, the necessary drawings. If a module / assembly or a complete product is to be requested, simply create the entire parts list with all sub-products on the platform.

  2. 2

    Communicate Requirements

    When creating the product on the platform, simply specify the requirements. Then "request" the product in the main menu.

  3. 3

    Confirm Offer

    We will send the offer immediately - usually within 24 hours after the request.

  4. 4

    Receive the Products

    We start the production and take care that you get your product as soon as possible.

How is the offer for production calculated?

We have several ways how the offer is calculated. The difference is mainly due to the production process. For very frequently used processes such as laser cutting, milling, turning and 3D printing, we have stored automatisms that determine the production costs. For all processes, the starting material (minus offcuts) and the setup costs form the basis for the calculation. For the production itself, the production time is multiplied by the machine hourly rate. The production time is essentially derived from the following parameters: laser cutting – edge length, milling & turning: required material removal, 3D printing: size of the model.

All other manufacturing processes are calculated manually. Here, past quotations are usually taken as the basis for the calculation. In addition, for more complex or more expensive requests, partners in the production network are contacted directly and the most favorable offer is passed on by them.

If purchased parts are required in the modules / assemblies / products, we also take care of their procurement. Here we pass on our price directly. If these are larger items, we renegotiate them directly.

Concerning the assembly we offer different possibilities. Currently, we have our own production facilities in Germany and China, where we can assemble ourselves. In addition, we have partners in Portugal, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Morocco, who can take over the assembly. The hourly rate for the assembly is 60€ / h in Germany and 15€ / h in China. We determine the assembly times through tests and adjust these time measurements in the series. These costs are also incurred for processes that go beyond this. So for example the shipping preparation and quality assurance. In quality assurance, we work with you to develop the testing equipment needed for production. We always try to include a quality check and a function test in the production, so that a faultless production is guaranteed.

For larger series, we develop an appropriate production system together with you. This means that we design and implement all devices, tools up to a complete production line for you. In this way, we guarantee an optimum for the production of your product at all times. The savings, which result from the use of devices, robots or other tools, we pass on to you of course 1 to 1.

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