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As a manufacturer and expert, assemblean supports you in the production of your hardware product. With our wide range of services, we offer customized solutions – from product development support and production to assembly, quality assurance and shipping. Whether initial prototypes for validation, components in small series or complex assemblies in mass production – we meet your needs, no matter what stage you are at:

  • Do you have an idea for a new product, but no plan on how to implement it?
  • Do you have a prototype and are wondering how it should best be produced on the way to market maturity and in larger quantities?
  • Do you have a market-ready product but cannot find a company to manufacture it for you?

We are the perfect partner for anyone who wants to make an own product.


Our Expertise

We help you with the complete design of your product and provide support right from the development stage - particularly with regard to producibility and cost-effectiveness in the production process.

One Personal Contact

One competent contact who manufactures your product exactly to your requirements - and at the same time access to a huge value network. We coordinate the entire supply chain - from procurement to production to delivery.

Flexible and Resilient

Reduce dependencies on individual suppliers now! We take care of immediate rescheduling if problems arise, an intended supplier drops out at short notice or has to be reordered quickly.

Risk Minimization

No expensive investments in production facilities and personnel are necessary.

Easily Scalable

From the first samples to a large series in the blink of an eye? No problem with us. Simply produce the products as needed to react faster to changes in demand or customer orders. Starting with a quantity of 1, there are no upper limits.

Significant Time Savings

Some of our customers have previously spent years trying to realize their product. With us, they have gone from semi-finished CAD models to finished series products in 3 months.

The guide for start-ups: In 5 production steps to the physical product

  1. 1

    Planning the product and the business idea

    First of all, it is important for your start-up to think about precise plans for the production project. What are the next steps in your business? How can the production project be financed? And when would you like to sell your first products? assemblean will already support you with this. Thanks to our expertise in production and experience with other start-ups, we can quickly give you an initial assessment and assist you with further planning steps.

  2. 2

    Detailed planning of the production process

    Planning the production process is a very important step that significantly influences the efficiency and quality of your physical product. It is essential to have a detailed design in the form of a technical drawing that takes all specifications into account. You send us the technical drawing and we will provide you with individual feedback with suggestions for improvement.
    We check the drawing in particular for efficient design for production and the necessary properties that are tailored to your requirements and the desired functions of the product. This is followed by the selection of materials with which the product can be optimally produced.
    Based on the materials, quantity and requirements of the product, a decision is then made on a cost-efficient manufacturing process. Common options in manufacturing technology include processes such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding, which are suitable for components, for example. For other products made of metal or plastic, modern casting processes such as injection molding or die casting, as well as additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, are also suitable.

  3. 3

    The product creation

    In the third step, we manufacture your product. Once the design of your product has been completed, it is visualized using CAD software. Depending on your requirements, we can either produce a prototype of the product first in order to physically familiarize ourselves with it, or we can produce larger quantities for you directly. Thanks to our own production facilities with automated quality control and a large network of trusted partners, we can guarantee the quality you expect from your product.

  4. 4

    Post-processing and additional services

    If necessary during the manufacture of the product, we also take care of communication and coordination with other suppliers. This can happen, for example, if we have agreed with you on purchased parts that are necessary for production. After production, the product can be improved and embellished with any finishing touches. Whether it is painting, engraving or surface treatment, with us it is possible to design the product according to your wishes.

  5. 5

    Delivery und evaluation

    As soon as the product has been manufactured and, if necessary, modified, it can be delivered to you. We will take your desired destination into account and inform you of the delivery status. Of course, we remain in constant contact with your start-up after production. This includes optimization for further productions as well as service and feedback on completed production and your market launch.

How we support you - our manufacturing resources

  • You can easily upload your product data to our production platform and send it to us.
  • With our three own production facilities, we are very flexible in production and can even set up individual production lines for you.
  • We also work with over 300 trusted production partners.
  • As a result, we can offer a very wide range of products, from individual components and assemblies to complete products.

Mechanical Production

CNC Machining

Sheet Metal Processing

3D Printing

Injection Moulding

Die Casting

Vacuum Casting

Electronics Production

Cable Assembly

PCB Production


Assembly Manufacturing

Joining connections
(Welding, Gluing, ...)

WeDart - Reference Report

The startup WeDart is developing new ways to improve the game of steel darts. Their system displays the exact hit point of the darts, creates statistics, guides training games and allows you to play online with other users.

The product - digital counting system for steeldarts

The developed product consists of a camera-supported device on the dartboard and an app that connects to the WeDart online platform. The system is aimed at beginners for whom manual scoring is a burden, but above all at ambitious players who are looking for a way to improve their skills.

WeDart offers simple and inexpensive hardware paired with complex, powerful software. This gives players the opportunity to improve their game in a targeted manner. From the very first throw. The integrated online platform will support an active community with numerous possibilities. In the long term, the system will make it possible to arrange live training sessions, play against virtual opponents in the form of an AI and evaluate and broadcast professional matches in the app, for example.

On the way to market maturity - design for manufacturing and component selection

The collaboration began in September 2022. assemblean supported WeDart from product development to market launch. The starting point was the first CAD drawings of the system. At this point, the system and its components fulfilled the functions, but were difficult to manufacture. In the beginning, we therefore provided feedback on the design of the production components in order to optimize them in terms of production and cost-effectiveness. We then worked closely with WeDart to select the individual purchased parts and their procurement channels. In doing so, we have already been able to leverage major cost potential for WeDart.

Production and Assembly

In the next step, we took over the production of all components. From the housing by plastic injection molding, to the base plate as a sheet metal construction, to the surround. We continuously optimized production and ultimately set up an individual line for assembly so that production runs as efficiently as possible. The entire process from the product idea to the ramp-up of production took less than two months. The first systems were delivered to customers in December, enabling WeDart to keep its promise from the Kickstarter campaign. At the same time, we have already made the first optimizations to make the system even more economical for series production. Series production started in July 2023 and the WeDart system will be available in stores everywhere, manufactured by assemblean.

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