What does assemblean do?

assemblean is your partner for the entire production process of individual components and assembled modules and products. With a large production network behind us, we take care of the coordination of all producers and processes – from the production of components, to the sourcing of additional components and assembly, to logistics. This means worry-free management of your entire supply chain.

Does assemblean produce my product?

Additionally to our production network, we have 3 own production facilities, in which your product will be produced.

Where will be my parts produced?

Our orders are manufactured by selected producers in China, Germany and Europe. Each production partner must meet our high quality requirements to become part of the network. This is how we ensure that you are guaranteed to receive your product in the quality you need. Contact us if you have specific requirements for your country of manufacture.

Will I know who produced my products?

Yes. Upon request, we will gladly inform you who produced the respective component. For repeat orders, the parts are preferably produced by the same partner.

Which products can I order through assemblean?

Our production network covers a wide range of manufacturing technologies. Thus, you can purchase almost everything from the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial technology, automotive, robotics or even consumer goods through us. Whether simple components or complete assemblies, subassemblies and products including the associated standard parts.

What manufacturing processes does assemblean offer?

We can offer a wide range of manufacturing technologies with our network. Further information you can find here.

How do I get my offer?

You can either request your offer through our tool or contact us directly (info@assemblean.com or +49 5251 5452029).

With our tool you can create your complete product after a one-time, free registration. To do this, you need to upload the CAD data and, for special requirements, the technical drawings. Afterwards you can request a production order including all requirements.

In which formats can I send my drawings or models to get an offer?

For the creation of the offer, we need three-dimensional files. You can choose freely between all common CAD file formats (STEP | STP | SLDRPT | 3DXML | PRT | SAT). For files in the step-format you can see a preview of the uploaded part directly in our tool.

Do I need to upload a technical drawing in addition to the CAD file?

For more complex components or special requirements regarding tolerances, surface finishing, threads, or fits, we need additional information in a technical drawing in PDF format. This is the only way we can ensure that we have all the important information needed for production.

How long does it take to receive an offer?

We will send you your offer within 3 working days.

Can I receive a sample of the produced product, before I place the complete order?

Yes, we are happy to produce one or more samples for you before we produce the complete series. Please feel free to contact us if you want to check a sample first.

Can you construct a model for me according to my specifications?

Yes. Our actual offer is to provide only production. However, if the request goes further, we or our partners can also assist in the creation of the complete product. In any case, our engineers will check your drawings for manufacturability and give you advice on optimization (Design for Manufacturing / DFM feedback) and on the choice of the best manufacturing process.

What does assemblean do to protect my intellectual property?

We place great emphasis on protecting your intellectual property (IP protection). We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each customer in advance. Please contact us directly for this at info@assemblean.com.
After you have released your order, your data will be anonymized and shared only with the respective producer. Especially for multi-part modules, we usually distribute your order among several partners. In doing so, we only transfer the data of the corresponding component to the respective partners, not the complete module. In addition, we offer the possibility to process your order in one of our 3 own production facilities.

How much does it cost to use assemblean?

You only pay the quoted price for your production job. The use of our tool and our services are free of charge.

Is there a minimum quantity at assemblean?

No. We process orders from batch size 1.

Who is my contact person when problems arise?

assemblean is always your sole contact and contractual partner. In case of short-term supplier failures, we will take care of the complete rescheduling and further processing of your order. This also applies to complaints.

Can I integrate my existing suppliers into the SCM tool?

Yes. You decide yourself how to set up your supply chain. Besides the possibility to have your product produced directly through us and our partners, you can also create and organize existing suppliers in our tool.