On this page you will find an overview of the materials we can use to manufacture your products.

When selecting the right material, a distinction must be made between various properties, such as conductivity, temperature and weather resistance, corrosion protection and financial costs.

If you require specific information on individual materials, you can find this by clicking on the respective material on an external page.

variety of colored metal sheets


Textur von Edelstahl Stainless steel
Textur von Stahl Steel
Textur von Zink Zinc
Textur von Titan Titanium
Textur von Aluminium Aluminium
Textur von Messing Brass
Textur von Kupfer Copper
Verschiedene Metalle Further Metals


ABS Oberfläche ABS
beige nylontexture Nylon
POM Oberfläche POM
Kunststoff Material Further Plastics

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