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5 Useful Supply Chain Trends To Look Out For In 2023

5 Useful Supply Chain Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Supply chain disruptions will continue to occur in 2023. To better respond to disruptions and give yourself an edge, consider some supply chain trends in 2023. What useful supply chain management trends will we see?  


  Make sure you can react quickly and flexibly to the unexpected. There will be disruptions in your supply chain, that's for sure. Access to critical materials may be disrupted. If you can handle the disruptions appropriately and manage them efficiently, you're a winner. You can consider higher safety stock levels, multiple sourcing and partial re- or nearshoring.  

Intelligent Logistic

To reduce supply chain bottlenecks and other disruptions, you need smart logistics solutions. You need two things in particular - the Internet of Things and next-generation robotics. That's how you can make your supply chain even more resilient.  


To be agile and resilient, it will be critical to enable real-time collaboration with all partners across your enterprise boundary. Gain visibility into every stage of the supply chain to constantly track all processes and critical data - with digital technology.  


Budgets for automation and robotics are capital well spent on handling repetitive tasks and those that humans can't do. By doing so, you reduce the error rate, and you can save costs in the medium to long term. You also save resources that can be used for other important tasks to increase sales. Therefore, you should rather move from cost reduction to digital transformation.  


Increasingly large data sets need to be processed in real time. This requires even better technologies. As a result, technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are also coming to the fore in supply chain management. These technologies can significantly improve your supply chain, and to keep up with your competitors, you should also invest in these areas.  

Summary Supply Chain Trends 2023

In conclusion, the trends can be summarized as follows:
  • Continued turbulence in access to key materials
  • Shift away from cost reduction to digital transformation and risk and crisis management.
  • More investment in digital technologies that support supply chain organization and efficiency.
  • Strategic processes such as supplier search, management and procure-to-pay in the focus of digitization
Keep an eye on these supply chain trends in 2023 to become even more resilient and efficient.

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